Yokohama city hosts summer dance event

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago

Yokohama (Japan), Oct 24 (ANI): Japan’s Yokohama is an exciting and lively city. Recently, it hosted a three-month long “Dance Dance Dance” event which concluded recently. The event is held in every 3 years as a symbolic dance event. Yokohama is filled with energy of artists. During the event, everyday new participants gathered to show their amazing performances on the stage. They are beyond the borders of age, gender, nationality, disabled, professional and even amateur. Dance stages were set in various open areas such as commerce facility, shopping street, station square and so on. The program "Yokohama Bayside Ballet" performed classical ballet at night on a special outdoor stage. The classical ballet was enjoyed with the background of night view of Yokohama. Yokohama city concentrates to cultivate rich creativity and artistic ability of children. Yokohama city provides dance teachers for the school dance activities and organizes workshop to study dance techniques for the children. In a special performance, a dance group consisting of deaf and normal artists performed a dance with sign language. They spread happiness beyond borders. A group of professional freestyle football performers mesmerized the audiences. Dance event during summers in Yokohama is supported with enthusiasm and spreads the message of creativity.

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