Russia’s Young Army Movement celebrates its 5th anniversary

Updated:1 week, 5 days ago

Moscow (Russia), June 10, 2021, (ANI): The Youth Organization in Russia popularly recognized as ‘Young Army Cadets National Movement ‘has successfully completed its five years. The Young Army movement, with a mission to nurture future personnel for the uniformed services has always been compared to Soviet pioneers and American scouts. The basic goal of the new Young Army Movement is to fascinate the youth history, geography, music, sports or engineering. As the Young Army Movement turned five, the celebration began with an event with dancers on the stage and even witnessed students sharing their experiences with their inventions. A drone is also being designed in the Ulyanovsk region. The engineers will present it at the Army 2021 forum. The Young Army Movement also launched a Young Army media hub. Within three years, a news bureau is to appear in every Russian region. In 2021, the movement celebrates its fifth anniversary with a forum name ‘High Five’. The Young Army’s major projects and the accomplishment of an important mission are ahead.

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