Russia puts efforts to conserve nature

Updated:2 months ago

Moscow (Russia), Jan 21, (ANI/TV BRICS): The bird house is collaboration between designers, engineers and ornithologists. The essence of the project is to create the most natural nesting conditions for Moscow birds. The Moscow School No. 2070 also set an example of careful attitude towards nature. Within the walls of this school there is an emphasis on the study of ecology, botany and bioengineering. The ecology topic is also relevant for the country's regions. In Chelyabinsk, scientists of the South Ural State University have invented and patented the smart tree. As conceived by the inventors, there are plants or sorbent inside the removable panels of the frame unit. Irrigation and ventilation systems are also provided. A street billboard, a public transport stop or a factory wall, there are many options. According to the developers, the unique technology will allow to collect not only dust, but also data about the volume of purified air and about the state of the environment. Attention to which remains a priority for Russia. This is confirmed by a number of strategic initiatives approved by the country's government. Among them are clean energy, EVs and hydrogen vehicles, and general cleaning.

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