Nissei introduces soft serve ice cream in Japan

Updated:2 weeks, 2 days ago

Tokyo (Japan), April 02 (ANI): Japanese company Nissei has introduced light yellow colored, soft serve ice cream to make customers happy as they taste sophisticated sweetness and remember traditional sweet culture of Japan. It tastes like a sweet potato. Located in Tokyo’s Asakusa, “Funawa” is a traditional sweet shop. It is open with all safety measures against COVID-19. “Imo-Yokan” which is usually made by sweet potato and sugar has been loved by Japanese for generations. “Nissei” has supported “Funawa” to develop soft ice cream. This is paste of “Imo-Yokan”. “Imo-Yokan soft ice cream” is made by mixing this paste with vanilla cream. It is important to choose special type of cream to fit Imo-Yokan. “Funawa” has undertaken many challenges to develop new tastes with the cooperation of soft ice cream maker “Nissei”. Beside the cream, there are small pieces of Imo-Yokan. The natural tastes of sweet potato and cute appearance have gained a reputation on SNS. The collaboration between traditional sweet maker “Imo Yokan" and modern sweets “soft ice cream” offers a new style of sweets to foreign tourists in Japan.

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