Landfills in Moscow to turn into parks soon

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago

Moscow (Russia), (ANI), June 14, 2021: These are the hills of waste where tons of rubbish are produced by the people of Moscow and its suburbs. To curb this problem of landfills in the region, bulldozers and dump trucks are on work in building a wall that will hold the waste that has accumulated on the landfill for fifty years. In order to prevent the contamination of environment, it is not just enough just to close the landfill, it needs reclamation. In other words, a whole range of measures for land restoration is a must for healthy environment. According to experts, in Europe, leachate has long been purified to the state of drinking water. Very soon, this will be done in the Moscow Region. The landfill itself will turn into a park or even a ski resort in five years that only not provide a soothing environment but also boosts the eco-system of the region.

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