Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru tours Kathmandu Durbar Square as he wraps up Nepal visit

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

Kathmandu (Nepal), Sep 07 (ANI): Surrounded by followers, Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru recently toured the ancient palace of Kathmandu and met with living Goddess Kumari on Monday as he wrapped up his Nepal visit. The spiritual leader who has been on his yearly pilgrimage tour to Nepal said that Nepal has been worshipping women as most prominent deity as an exception in 1500 years’ time. Sadhguru, who is revered as a spiritual mentor by tens of thousands of followers throughout the world also named Nepal, Indonesia, and India as only 3 nations that have continued worshipping feminine in current time. The venerated Indian Yogi went on a nine-day pilgrimage from Simikot to Limi Valley in Humla district and also celebrated his birthday in the Himalayan Nation with his disciples and followers in an enclosed ceremony. Due to the restriction by the Chinese government to enter Tibet owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team took arduous trekking route from Simikot of Humla district towards Limi Valley. Wrapping up his visit, Sadhguru would be flying back to India on Tuesday.

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