India should collaborate with other countries to ramp up COVID vaccine capability: Fauci

Updated:1 month ago

Washington DC (USA), May 14 (ANI): Chief Medical Adviser of White House, Dr Anthony Fauci advised India to collaborate with other countries amid vaccine shortage and also advised to revamp the vaccine manufacturing during an exclusive interview with ANI. He said, “It's a very large country with a population of about 1.4 billion people, you only have a couple of percentage of the people who are fully vaccinated and over about 10 per cent or so that have at least one dose so you've got to work out arrangements with other countries, other companies at the same time as ramping up your own capability of making vaccines because as we all know, India is one of the best if not the biggest vaccine producer in the world. You've got to use some resources for your people.” He further said, “Rich countries and countries that have capability of making, distributing vaccines, have moral responsibility to assist countries that don't have that capability, particularly low and middle-income countries.”

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