Exiled dissidents protest outside FATF headquarters to urge blacklisting Pakistan for terror financing

Updated:1 week ago

Paris (France), Feb 21 (ANI): Exiled protesters from Pakistan, Tibet and Hong Kong assembled outside the base camp of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in Paris on February 20 asking the worldwide observing body to boycott Pakistan and convey on its command of halting dread financing and supporting from Pakistan. The individuals from the FATF are meeting from February 22-25 to determine the destiny of Pakistan, which is as of now on the dim rundown of the worldwide enemy of tax evasion and fear financing guard dog. While Pakistan has been over and over embracing the strategy of displaying making a move against dread financing by setting senior fear bunch pioneers nabbed in front of FATF plenaries. Pakistan has been utilizing American military Aid and Finance against common Baloch individuals regardless of utilizing it against Religious psychological oppressor associations. Presently likewise the borrowings and monetary guides by China are additionally being utilized by Pakistan against the Baloch public. The plans of Pakistan and of China towards the Baloch Land and Balochistan are not stowed away from anyone. This CPEC is a colonization project locally and globally that will be utilized as a starting military cushion to threaten territorial and worldwide networks.

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