Cherry blossom in Japan attracts visitors

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago

Yokohama (Japan), May 07 (ANI): Cherry blossom or `Sakura’ is the most famous scenic beauty in Japan. During the spring season when winter ends and the temperature turn warm, various kinds of beautiful Sakura flowers bloom. In Japan, cherry blossoms bloom from south area to north. Therefore, the cherry blossom season changes depending on the region and visitors can see cherry blossoms in various landscapes over time. “Minato Mirai Area” in Yokohama city is a modern port town. Cherry blossoms bloom with background of sea and tall buildings. The way to enjoy cherry blossoms is to look at the flowers by laying sheets like picnics with friends and family. The scenery of the cherry blossoms seen from the boat has an atmosphere that feels very sensational. This is “Nikurayama Asama Park” located near the foot of Mt. Fuji. There is a traditional Japanese building in a park full of nature. From the observation deck, visitor can see the five-storied pagoda and Mt. Fuji. The scenery of the four seasons of Japan and photos of Mt. Fuji and traditional buildings are popular on social media networks. The scenery of Kawaguchi Lake is very beautiful. The tourist attraction around the lake, which has reached the end of spring, entertains tourists by cultivating a variety of flowers. “Oishi Park” is located on the side of the lake. Colorful tulip flowers and "ShibaZakura" (Moss phlox) similar to the shape of a cherry blossom is beginning to bloom. In Japan, winter has ended and spring is coming so the temperature has warmed up. The scenery of Mt Fuji and flowers by four seasons entertain many tourists.

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