Baby Kangaroo born at Moscow Zoo

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

Moscow (Russia), Sep 07, 2021 (ANI): The baby Kangaroo known as Voyli was born recently at the Moscow Zoo. As per zoologists, the Kangaroos are on the verge of extinction. They are, however, included in the International Union For Conservation red list. It is for the first time that Kangaroo baby of this breed was born in the Capital’s zoo. The female Kangaroo’s name is Fenechka and the peculiarity of this breed is that they can nurse up to three babies of different ages simultaneously. Along with these rare Kangaroos, chicks started to appear among rare birds in Moscow Zoo during the end of June. Preserving eggs and raising chicks of Red and Pink Flamingos seem to be a huge task at the Zoo. These birds often throw eggs out of their nest. These flamingos turn red from special additives in the food carrots and beets. At the moment, the younglings only resemble their gorgeous parents.

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