Afghans in Norway demonstrate in front of Pak embassy, blame Islamabad for Taliban rule

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

Oslo (Norway), Sep 11, 2021, (ANI): Afghans held an anti-Pakistan demonstration in Norwegian capital Oslo. They gathered in front of Pak embassy and sloganeered against Imran Khan’s government. They held Afghan flags and placards urging Pakistan to leave Afghan soil. Demonstrators also urged the international community to intervene in Afghanistan where the human rights situation is deteriorating rapidly. Taliban swept to power in Kabul last month after swiftly occupying nearly all provinces in the country. They have formed an interim government under the name ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with some top positions being held by UN-proscribed terrorists. 17 off 33 cabinet members have some form of sanctions against them. While their return has been hailed by a few countries including Pakistan. A large part of the international community and Afghans across the world fear a humanitarian crisis could be on cards for the Taliban haven’t altered their ideological position on pertinent issues including equality for women, education and freedom of speech .

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