Protection against cross-site cookie tracking extended by Mozilla for its Firefox 89 browser

Updated:3 months, 3 weeks ago

New Delhi, June 04 (ANI): Mozilla recently announced that it has extended its 'total cookie protection' feature for its Firefox 89 browser, which will offer extra-strong protection against cross-site tracking cookies to Private Browsing windows. According to Mashable, Mozilla stated in a blog post, "At Mozilla, we believe that your right to privacy is fundamental. Unfortunately, for too long cookies have been used by tracking companies to gather data about you as you browse the web. Today, with the launch of Firefox 89, we are happy to announce that Firefox Private Browsing windows now include our innovative Total Cookie Protection by default."As described in the blog, Firefox's Total Cookie Protection is a set of "privacy improvements" based on a principle that a user's browser should not allow sharing of cookies between websites. It's now enforced in Firefox Private Browsing windows and helps by creating a separate cookie jar for every website that the user visits.

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