iPhone's latest change helps users set Gmail as default email client

Updated:9 months ago

New Delhi, Sep 23 (ANI): Tech giant Google has updated its latest version of Gmail, adding the option for it to become the default email option on iPhones. According to Mashable, the new option is in response to a change made by Apple to the new iOS 14, which dropped last week. At WWDC in June, Apple announced that users would be able to change their default web option from Apple's Safari browser and switch the Mail email service to non-Apple services. Until now, if the users opened a link, it would open in Safari. Or if one clicked on a person's email to send them a message, a new email would open in Mail. If a Gmail user wanted to send a person an email, the user would have to specifically open Gmail, compose a new message, and either copy and paste or type in their email. However, now, if one has made his/her default email client Gmail, and if he/she wants to go to a contact in the phone, they need to click on that person's email, which will lead to a new email addressed to that address will open in Gmail.

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