Furukawa Electric launches industrial laser technology

Updated:2 months, 1 week ago

Tokyo (Japan), July 16 (ANI): Japan’s Furukawa Electric has been developing fiber technology. Based on its traditional technology, the company is now enhancing itself through a cutting edge technology in the field of energy, information, heat conduction, connection and storing. Furukawa is contributing to the infrastructure, car parts and electronics industry. Its contribution enriched the world industry since its 1884 establishment. Furukawa developed and launched an industrial laser. Fiber laser of Furukawa has many strong points like high beam quality, time stability, high reliability and high effect. Those ideal functions enabled quick expansion in the field of metal material processing field. Deep melting, high speed processing and decreasing welding defects enable to solve the problem of industry. The strain is less than general arc welding. This characteristic ensures high speed processing. Welding of thin cupper board is a key technology. Furukawa developed the machine for fiber laser plus blue laser. It enables to control exposure of laser to make binding plural thin cupper board. 12 KW fiber laser systems can control fiber laser fitting to target. Most distinctive technology is spatter less is equal to without spark fiber laser. Its exposure does not provoke any spark to make precise welding. Removing the rust is also future promised technology. Furukawa’s fiber laser system cultivated based on fiber optic technology will contribute to solving the problems of global warming and zero carbon emission. Furukawa’s technology is integral to establish future sustainable global environment.

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