Android 10 sees fastest adoption rate, 28pc faster than Android Pie

Updated:11 months, 2 weeks ago

New Delhi, Jul 11(ANI): Google has said that Android 10 is seeing the fastest adoption rates of any version of Android, with 100 million devices running Android 10 in just five months after its launch. Android 10 seeing the fastest adoption rates of any version of Android. In a blog post, Google said that over the past few years they have introduced new capabilities that enabled them to deliver updates more "uniformly, quickly, and efficiently" to Android devices. Some of the company's efforts were "Project Treble and Project Mainline". "In Android 10, we started updating components of the OS directly via Google Play system updates (Project Mainline). Mainline provides security and privacy updates for the OS in a way that's similar to apps - through Google Play. For example, in our most recent deployment, we directly updated 285 million devices with fixes for security vulnerabilities," the post read. "Google Play is also responsible for updating critical applications and services, such as authentication, push notifications, and Google Play Protect. A good example is the launch of the Exposure Notification API. Exposure Notifications are a tool to help public-health agencies in the fight against COVID-19. The API was deployed in May via Google Play to over 2 billion devices in the space of just 4 weeks," it added. Google said that Android 10's adoption is 28 percent faster than Android Pie."Thanks to these efforts, the adoption of Android 10 has been faster than any previous versions of Android. Android 10 was running on 100 million devices 5 months post-launch - 28 per cent faster than Android Pie," the post read.

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