Amazon Prime Video app update will let users play episodes on shuffle

Updated:3 months ago

New Delhi, Mar 14 (ANI): Online streaming giant Amazon Prime Video is all set to update its app to add a new feature with an ability to shuffle the episodes automatically for the users to enjoy their binge-worthy shows. According to The Verge, the new update by the streamer will make it easy for viewers to watch a sitcom without having to actually pick an episode. It will allow the users to simply click the play button and start watching episodes in random order. The feature appears to at first be fairly restricted however as per Android Police, it doesn't allow a user to shuffle through the whole show, but only a specific season. At present, it is just enabled on Android. As per The Verge, Amazon might be attempting to race with its competitor Netflix in order to roll out a shuffle function as Netflix has already declared that it will be carrying out a shuffle button for users sometime in the first half of 2021. However, it is still under the wraps whether the feature will be available on iOS or on web versions of the app.

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