Telangana Government providing free uniforms, books to school students

Updated:1 month, 3 weeks ago

Hyderabad (Telangana), Dec 06 (ANI): Telangana Government is taking utmost care for the development and future of children. The government is providing free uniforms and books to the students. The mid-day meal program, an initiative for providing nutritious free lunches for students is also being taken up by the government. All these initiatives are encouraging more students to go to schools leading to the overall development of the students. D Raju, the Principal of Government Primary School, Vijayanagar colony said, “Telangana government is providing free books to students. Every year, students are given two pairs of uniforms. A very nutritious lunch is also provided here including eggs. We have around 300 students in primary school. Last summer, the government has done all the electrical work in the school. The students are benefitted from all the support from the government. This year, we provided students with ID cards, belts, and ties. As some students might not be able to spell the school's name easily, we have given these for fast identification. We are getting good support from the government. I thank the Telangana Government for all the things they are providing us.”

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