Fuel price hike results in increased sale of e-vehicles

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

Ludhiana (Punjab), March 03 (ANI): Amid rising fuel prices in the country, people are opting for other substitutes for commuting and because of which sales of electronic vehicles have increased drastically in country. People of Ludhiana are purchasing electronic vehicles. According to Managing Director of Avon Cycles Onkar Singh, "After fuel price hike, demand for electric cycles has gone up by 10-15% in last 2 months. We've launched E-bikes, which will be available in North India from next week." With the prices of petrol inching closer to Rs 100 per litre, the demand for battery-operated scooters is on the rise. People want to save on fuel costs and as a result they are opting for electric vehicles.

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