Dargah of Syed Sultan Moinduddin Shah Qadri serving as a symbol of religious harmony for years

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hyderabad(Telangana), October 18th (ANI): -The entire Deccan region is abundant with shrines of Sufi saints that not only propagated the teachings of these great saints but also played a major role in bringing together people of different castes and religions. One such shrine is that of Syed Sultan Moinduddin Shah Qadri which is thronged by people of all faiths especially during the annual Urs of the saint. Well-known in the region for his miracles and his devotion towards Allah, the Saint is believed to be born in the year 1083 A.H according to the Islamic calendar in Iraq. He came to India during Shah Jahan’s reign and steadily started gaining popularity for his noble-deeds. It is said that the saint had 1000 acres of land in his possession and always donated land to people in need. The Saint throughout his life worked for the betterment of the society and it is believed that nobody returns empty handed from his Dargah.

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