COVID, Afghan issue would be discussed during Putin’s visit to India: Russian Envoy

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago

New Delhi, Dec 04 (ANI): Speaking on expectations with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India, Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Rishatovich Kudashev said, “Negotiating teams are working about outcomes of the Summit. But what's clear for today is that one of the outcomes would be a sizeable and formidable joint political statement. It would be a very comprehensive paper, comprehensive document covering all dimensions of our ties beginning with global issues and the United Nations revived commitment to itself to its central position in modern world. Then would come regional issues, Afghanistan included. It would include COVID concerns and much space would be devoted to bilateral ties and new inputs into this unique track of our relationship, bringing onboard new technologies, ideas, people and regions. One could also expect a sizeable amount of agreements and memoranda.” He further said, “These are the most visible dimensions where one could expect the appearance of new understandings, agreements and memoranda. So, for now it is clear that this would not be an ordinary event. This would be announced in the event as is usually the case with bilateral between two countries and the size of political commitments would be bringing sizeable, practical, pragmatic and economic outcomes, giving impetus to our bilateral cooperation.”

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