Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to chair All-Party Meeting in Patna to discuss caste-based census on June 1

Updated:1 month ago

Patna (Bihar), May 25 (ANI): An All-Party Meeting on the caste-based census in Bihar will be held on June 01 under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Patna, informed Bihar Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary on May 25. “All-Party Meeting over caste-based census in Bihar will be held on 1st June under the leadership of the CM in Patna. Almost all parties in the state have been in the favour of a caste-based census from the beginning,” he said. “All parties agree (on the caste-based census in Bihar). I have said that talks have been held with all parties and they have agreed on an All-Party Meeting on 1st June. We hope that people of all parties will come. As far as BJP is concerned, they have not opposed it,” he added.

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