Mindfulness can make you selfish, finds study

Updated:2 months ago

New Delhi, Apr 18 (ANI): A recent study has suggested that mindfulness can make a person selfish. It's within the area of prosocial behaviours that a new paper by University at Buffalo researchers demonstrates the surprising downsides of mindfulness while offering easy ways to minimize those consequences -- both of which have practical implications for mindfulness training. Mindfulness and meditation are associated with reducing stress and anxiety while increasing emotional well-being. Plenty of scholarship supports these benefits. But how does mindfulness affect the range of human behaviours -- so-called prosocial behaviours -- that can potentially help or benefit other people? What happens when the research looks outwardly at the social effects of mindfulness rather than inwardly at its personal effects? The findings will appear in a forthcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science. In this experiment, mindfulness led to decreased prosocial behavior among those who tended to be independent.

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