Amazon to unveil visually-focused artificial intelligence research hub in Germany

Updated:3 years, 7 months ago

New Delhi, Oct 24 (ANI): In a bid to improve customer experience in visual systems with regards to artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce giant Amazon announced plans to set up a visually-focused AI research hub in Tubingen, Germany. The company also stated that the research conducted at the hub is projected to benefit users of Amazon Web Services and Alexa, its voice-driven AI assistant tech. The Tubingen-based centre, located near the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems' campus, will be staffed with more than 100 machine learning engineers, will be created over the next five years. For establishing the Tubingen hub, the company is reportedly collaborating with the Max Planck Society on a research collaboration that kicked off in December 2016 and is also focused on AI, as well as on bolstering a local startup ecosystem. Tentatively titled 'Cyber Valley', the research center is expected to focus on Robotics, machine learning and machine vision. As with other research partners, Amazon will be contributing EUR 1.25 million to set up research groups in the Stuttgart and Tubingen regions. The site is Amazon's fourth Research Center in Germany - after Berlin, Dresden and Aachen. While the Tubingen hub is Amazon's first German center focused on visual AI research, it is merely an extension of Amazon's R&D efforts in this segment.

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