5 strange but true facts about technology

Updated:3 years, 7 months ago

New Delhi, Oct 25 (ANI): The relentless march of technology has definitely contributed to taking the world where it is today. But while we celebrate the gifts that technology brought to our otherwise mundane and ordinary world, let's also marvel at some of the absurdities that we encountered in past few decades. Here are five weird but true facts about technology- QWERTY keyboard is to slow you down. The idea behind the QWERTY keyboard is to slow down the speed. Earlier, typewriters had letters arranged in alphabetical order which supported fast typing leading to jamming of keys. Scientists and engineers formulated this arrangement of alphabets to prevent that from happening. Russia made a computer that ran on water. Russian scientist Vladimir Lukyanov built a computer in 1936 that ran on water. It was the world's first computer that solved the problem of partial differential equations. Lukyanov fiddled around with a series of interconnected, water-filled glass tubes, to solve the issue. 92% of the world's currency is digital money. Yes, you read it right, almost all of the world's money is digital. It is estimated that currently 92% of all currency in the world is digitally managed which leaves a meager 8% to be physical. Email existed before the World Wide Web. Internet mailing existed even before internetworking began and back then email could only be used to send messages to various users of the same computer. Early email was just like a file directory. Through this, one could put a message in another user's directory. A change in font can reduce printer ink usage. The key to reducing your printer's ink is as simple and absurd as that! All computer fonts vary in terms of length and thickness of characters, which means if you use lighter fonts with lighter strokes, it will reduce the amount of ink your printer takes.

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