US State Secretary Antony J Blinken
US State Secretary Antony J Blinken

US seeks to regain seat on UN Human Rights Council

ANI | Updated: Feb 24, 2021 22:07 IST

Washington [US], February 24 (ANI): President Joe Biden aims to secure a seat for the United States on the United Nations Human Rights Council almost three years after the Trump administration left the world body, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Wednesday.
"Biden is committed to a foreign policy that unites our democratic values with our diplomatic leadership, and one that is centered on the defence of democracy and the protection of human rights," Blinken said in a statement.
"Today, the administration took an important step in that direction by announcing the US intent to seek election to a seat on the UN Human Rights Council starting in January 2022," Blinken said.

While recognising the challenges faced at the Council, Blinken said, "We acknowledge challenges at the Council as well, including unacceptable bias against Israel and membership rules that allow countries with atrocious human rights records to occupy seats they do not merit. However, improving the Council and advancing its critical work is best done with a seat at the table."
Blinken added that rejoining the council and working with allies would "ensure that this important body lives up to its purpose."
"We seek to return to the Human Rights Council to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies and partners to ensure that this important body lives up to its purpose. We do so with determination to listen, learn, and work toward a world in which human rights are universally respected," he further said.
Earlier this month, Joe Biden had ordered the State Department to immediately re-engage with the Human Rights Council as an observer. (ANI)