US House of Representatives narrowly passes Budget, paving way for Tax reform

ANI | Updated: Oct 26, 2017 23:25 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct 26 (ANI): The United States House of Representatives on Thursday narrowly passed a budget resolution that will pay way for the tax reform in the country.

The House Republicans on Thursday narrowly adopted the Senate's version of the 2018 budget resolution, overcoming a key hurdle for the party's tax-reform plan.

According to the CCN, Republicans passed the bill despite some opposition within the party over a plan to eliminate the popular State and Local Tax deduction in the tax reform framework.

Twenty Republicans voted against the budget in the 216-212 vote.

Most of the 20 defectors were centrists hailing from populous states that could stand to lose from eliminating the state and local tax deduction, The Hill reported.

The budget allocates $1.1 trillion to defense and nondefense discretionary spending and routine disaster relief and war on terror funding.

The budget includes reconciliation rules that will allow the Senate to pass tax reform with only a simple majority instead of the 60 vote supermajority typically needed to end debate and move a bill to a vote.

President Donald Trump applauded the House on passing the federal budget.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that budget resolution sets the stage for Congress to put America first by providing economic relief for the American people in the form of tax cuts and tax reform. (ANI)