US NSA Jake Sullivan
US NSA Jake Sullivan

US can suppress terrorism without permanent military presence on ground: NSA Jake Sullivan

ANI | Updated: Aug 18, 2021 01:37 IST

Washington [Afghanistan], August 18 (ANI): The US has proved that it can suppress terrorism without a permanent military presence on the ground, National Security Advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday.
"We have proven in other places that we can suppress terrorism without a permanent military presence on the ground and we intend to do exactly that in Afghanistan," Sullivan said during a press conference in Washington on Tuesday.
"Washington is working to help its allies in Afghanistan and get their citizens out," he added.
When asked about the Afghans' future who helped the US, he said that the US is working to evacuate those people who helped Washington and get them out from Afghanistan.
The NSA was also asked about any asylum request from the previous Afghan government's leader, however, Jake replied that he is not aware of it.
On Monday, President Joe Biden admitted that the situation in the war-torn country unfolded more quickly than America anticipated.
Biden put the blame for the current situation on the Afghan leaders, saying they gave up and fled the country.
"I stand squarely behind my decision. After 20 years I have learned the hard way that there was no good time to withdraw US forces," he said.
"We were clear-eyed about the risk. The truth is this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. So what happened. Afghanistan's political leaders gave up and fled the country. The Afghan military collapsed," he added.
The Taliban entered Kabul on Sunday and took control of the presidential palace. The terrorist group is now everywhere in the capital, walking the streets of Kabul with ease (and with American weapons in hand). (ANI)