Trump faces wrath for 'selfish' umbrella move

ANI | Updated: Feb 27, 2018 21:16 IST

Washington DC [United States], Feb 27 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump has been facing flak on social media for holding an umbrella over himself during rainfall, apparently leaving his wife Melania Trump and son Barron unprotected.

An MSNBC's video clip shared by journalist Jon Levine on Twitter shows the US President holding a large black umbrella as he walks up the steps to board Air Force One plane.

Melania and Barron are seen walking behind Trump without umbrellas or waterproof clothing amid blustery conditions.

After the undated video went viral, Twitter wasn't pleased with the optics and has thrown flak at Trump.

A Twitter user branded Trump as "Holy Self-Centered Bastard Shit Balls", saying, "Anyone that believes Trump would run into the line of fire at a school has never watched him board Air Force One on a rainy night with his wife and child and one umbrella!"

"So Trump expects us to believe that he would run into a school where bullets are flying, to take down a gunmen, when he not only dodged a draft, but let his young son and wife walk off a plane in rain ? while he himself had an umbrella?!," tweeted another user.

President Trump claimed on Monday that he would have rushed into the Florida high school during the mass shooting earlier this month there that killed 17 people.

"Holy shit...that video of Trump leaving behind son and wife behind while he had a umbrella! Classic! #lastword," tweeted another user. (ANI)