US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

Transatlantic alliance is the foundation on which US, European security, prosperity are built: Biden

ANI | Updated: Feb 20, 2021 02:06 IST

Washington [US], February 20 (ANI): President Joe Biden sent a clear message on Friday (local time) that America is back and the transatlantic alliance is back as it is the foundation on which the collective security and shared prosperity of the US and Europe are built.
President Biden made these remarks at the 2021 virtual Munich Security Conference.
In his address, President Biden said, "I speak today as President of the United States at the very start of my administration, and I'm sending a clear message to the world: America is back. The transatlantic alliance is back. And we are not looking backwards; we are looking forward, together."
The partnership between Europe and the United States, in my view, is and must remain the cornerstone of all that we hope to accomplish in the 21st century, just as we did in the 20th century, he added.
The President said he wants to erase "any lingering doubt" that the United States will work closely with European Union partners. He said the US is also fully committed to the NATO alliance and I welcome Europe's growing investment in the military capabilities that enable our shared defense.
"You know, to me and to the United States, and to us, we'll keep article -- we'll keep faith with Article 5. It's a guarantee. An attack on one is an attack on all. That is our unshakable vow. And the only time Article 5 has been invoked was after the United States was attacked on 9/11. You, our allies, joined us to fight al Qaeda, and the United States committed to consulting closely with our NATO Allies and partners on the way forward in Afghanistan," the President said.
"We remain committed to ensuring that Afghanistan never again provides a base for terrorist attacks against the United States and our partners and our interests," he added.
The President further stated, "I know -- I know the past few years have strained and tested our transatlantic relationship, but the United States is determined -- determined to reengage with Europe, to consult with you, to earn back our position of trusted leadership."

Earlier, the President participated virtually in the G7 COVID-19 meeting with world leaders and announced United States is making a USD 2 billion pledge to COVAX, with the promise of an additional USD 2 billion to urge others to step up as well.
Biden said that United States, Europe, and Asia work together to secure peace and defend our shared values and advance our prosperity across the Pacific will be among the most consequential efforts we undertake
"You know, we must prepare together for long-term strategic competition with China. How the United States, Europe, and Asia work together to secure peace and defend our shared values and advance our prosperity across the Pacific will be among the most consequential efforts we undertake. Competition with China is going to be stiff. That's what I expect, and that's what I welcome, because I believe in the global system Europe and the United States, together with our allies in the Indo-Pacific, worked so hard to build over the last 70 years," he said.
"US and European companies are required to publicly disclose corporate governance -- to corporate governance structures and abide by rules to deter corruption and monopolistic practices. Chinese companies should be held to the same standard," Biden said.
He further said that "we must shape the rules that will govern the advance of technology and the norms of behavior in cyberspace, artificial intelligence, biotechnology so that they are used to lift people up, not used to pin them down. We must stand up for the democratic values that make it possible for us to accomplish any of this, pushing back against those who would monopolize and normalize repression."
Talking about to be able to meet the threat from Russia, Biden said that the Kremlin attacks our democracies and weaponizes corruption to try to undermine our system of governance. Russian leaders want people to think that our system is more corrupt or as corrupt as theirs. But the world knows that isn't true, including Russians -- Russia's own citizens.
"Putin seeks to weaken European -- the European project and our NATO Alliance. He wants to undermine the transatlantic unity and our resolve, because it's so much easier for the Kremlin to bully and threaten individual states than it is to negotiate with a strong and closely united transatlantic community," he said.
"That's why -- that's why standing up for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine remains a vital concern for Europe and the United States. That's why addressing recklessness -- Russian recklessness and hacking into computer networks, in the United States and across Europe and the world, has become critical to protecting our collective security. The challenges with Russia may be different than the ones with China, but they're just as real," he added.
Moreover, the United States has officially rejoined the Paris Climate Accord. (ANI)