Attorney General William Barr
Attorney General William Barr

No need for special counsel to investigate Hunter Bidnen, election fraud: Barr

ANI | Updated: Dec 22, 2020 09:08 IST

Washington [US], December 22 (ANI): Attorney General William Barr, on Monday (local time) said that there is no need for a special counsel to investigate the finances of President-elect Joe Biden's son Hunter or fraud in the recent Presidential elections -- as claimed by President Donald Trump.
Barr did not comment extensively on the Hunter Biden investigation but said that it was being handled "appropriately".
"I think to the extent that there's an investigation I think that it's being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department," Barr, who is set to step down from the post office this week, told reporters and added, "To this point, I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel and I have no plan to do so before I leave."
The Hill reported that the investigation is currently being run out of the US attorney's office in Delaware. "Hunter Biden acknowledged the existence of the investigation earlier this month, saying it is focused on his tax affairs," it reported further.
Hunter Biden, earlier this month, said that the US attorney's office in Delaware is investigating his tax affairs.

"I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors," he said in a statement issued by the Biden-Harris transition team.
Since last year, the Trump-led administration has focused on Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings, including his ties to a Ukrainian company, Burisma, during his father's tenure as vice president.
The outgoing attorney general said that there was no need of a special counsel to investigate claims of a fraudulent election. Barr added that there was 'no basis' for a federal seizure of voting machines.
"If I thought a special counsel at this stage was the right tool and was appropriate I would name one, but I haven't and I'm not going to," Barr told reporters.
The Hill further reported that Trump announced last week that Barr would depart his position early. Trump maintained that the two had a "very good" relationship, however, Trump became furious with Barr after he contradicted Trump's claims about election fraud.
The Electoral College confirmed Biden as the next president on Monday, with 306 electoral votes against Trump's 232. The US Congress will certify the results on January 6. (ANI)