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Growing calls for UN to probe gross human rights violations in Xinjiang

ANI | Updated: Aug 30, 2020 18:49 IST

Washington D.C. [US], August 30 (ANI): As China continues with its massive human rights abuses in Xinjiang, there have been growing calls for a probe by UN commission into the relentless oppression of Uighur Muslims.
In a write-up on, newszone said the time has come for China to be forced to stop mass annihilation of its minorities in the name of homogenisation.
"Faced with blatant denial of the charges by China, human rights groups and governments alike are seeking a United Nations resolution listing out the steps China has to necessarily take to check the Uighur genocide or face action," the write-up said.
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has faced fierce criticism from US and several other countries over its attempts of ethnic cleansing in the region.
The write-up also noted how Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in general and all Muslim-majority countries in particular are "evincing no interest in the welfare of the Uighur Muslims, thanks to their relations with China."
It also mentioned about the recent sanctions imposed US Department of Treasury over top officials of Xinjinag region's Chinese Communist Party (CCP) including a politburo member.
"This is the first serious action after a formal demand by 22 countries last year for action against China. Their letter, the first-ever collective action on the issue, to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, asked China to end its "mass arbitrary detentions and related violations" and allow UN experts to access the region," the write-up said, while adding that the letter refers to allegations of the Uighurs languishing in concentration camps, rampant torture, rape of women and separation of children from parents and forced re-education, if not already killed.

Referring to how a pro-China letter came up after 22 countries demanding action, the write-up said China mustering support for its anti-Uighur cause is clear evidence of it gearing itself for a fight over the minorities issue.
"Now, after the US sanctions, it knows that in the post-Covid phase, when it is being blamed for suppressing the truth about the outbreak and spread of the virus, the world will find other bricks to hurl at it. What is galling, however, is China trying to brazen it out instead of admitting the obvious and glaring mistakes," it said.
The write-up highlighted a 2020 report by Campaign for Uighurs, according to which the atrocities against the minorities in Xinjiang have now reached the proportion of a genocide. "The Uighurs, basically Turkic Muslims, have been trying to be independent of China since 1750. They made three attempts to carve their independent region since then," the write-up stated.
With the intention to bring down the Uighur population to zero, women are forced to wear intrauterine devices and mothers are separated from their children.
Highlighting the numerous similar other draconian measures, the write-up said: "The overall attempt, the report says, is to make them forget they were ever Uighurs. "In those camps, Uighur Muslims are being not just forcibly brainwashed to love President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, and hate Islam, but also starved, sterilized, tortured, raped, and, yes, killed," another human rights watch report says."
It stressed that to corner China on the Uighur issue is to shoot two birds with one stone.
"The United Nations should be asked to set up an independent commission, preferably in consultation with the International Court of Justice, to physically probe the atrocities against Uighurs inside Xinjiang. The move will come as major succour for the oppressed minorities," the write-up said, while adding that the move will turn global attention on China and strengthen the resolve of nations bullied over bizarre land and water disputes to collectively stand up to China. (ANI)