US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

Biden vows not to let China become world's leading power

ANI | Updated: Mar 26, 2021 04:56 IST

Washington DC [US], March 26 (ANI): Asserting that he is not looking for a confrontation with China and expects steep competition, US President Joe Biden on Thursday (local time) vowed not to let Beijing become the world's leading power on his watch.
"We are not looking for a confrontation, although we know there will be steep-steep competition," Biden said during his first press conference since assuming office in January.
On China's growing ambitions, the US President said, "China has an overall goal to become a leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world, the most powerful country in the world. This is not going to happen on my watch."
Biden said that we will have strong competition but would want that China plays by the rule -- fair competition, fair practises and fair trade.

Speaking on the recent Quad meet, Biden said, "Earlier this month, I met with our allies to discuss how we are going to hold China accountable --- Australia, India, Japan, and the US, the so-called Quad. All because we have to have democracies working together."
This remark comes as the Biden administration is evaluating the next steps of the country's policy towards China following a public spat between the two sides during the talks in Anchorage, Alaska.
Earlier this month, the first high-level meeting between the Biden administration and China in Alaska had witnessed acrimonious exchanges between US and Chinese officials, indicating the deep divide between the two sides despite the change of guard at the White House.
"We will be evaluating what the appropriate next steps are in close coordination with our partners and allies around the world," White House spokesperson Jen Psaki had said.
The spokesperson had also said the Biden administration believes China is noticing that the US is engaging in closer coordination with allies and partners. (ANI)