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US President Joe Biden (File image)
US President Joe Biden (File image)

Biden reveals new programme for Ukrainian refugees to enter US

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2022 02:05 IST

Washington [US], April 22 (ANI): US President Joe Biden on Thursday (local time) announced a new programme for Ukrainians called called "Uniting for Ukraine" to enable those seeking refuge to come directly from Europe to the United States.
"I'm announcing a program, "Unite for Ukraine" -- a new program to enable Ukrainians seeking refuge to come directly from Europe to the United States," he said in a statement.
According to the statement, this new humanitarian parole programme will complement the existing legal pathways available to Ukrainians, including immigrant visas and refugee processing.
"It will provide an expedient channel for secure, legal migration from Europe to the United States for Ukrainians who have a US sponsor, such as a family or an NGO. This program will be fast. It will be streamlined. And it will ensure the United States honors its commitment to go to the Ukrainian people and need not go through our southern border," he said further.
Speaking about the actions taken by the US against Russia, Biden said: "We're also continuing to ratchet up the pressure on Putin and further isolate Russia on the world stage."
"Yesterday, the Treasury Department rolled out additional measures to crack down on the entities and individuals attempting to evade our unprecedented sanctions -- not just ours, but throughout the West," he said.

Further announcing that now the US will ban Russian-affiliated ships from our ports, as they (Russia) did in Europe"
"That means no ship -- no ship that sails under the Russian flag or that is owned or operated by Russian interests will be allowed to dock in a United States port or access our shores. None. None," he said.
Meanwhile, the US today authorized new military assistance worth USD 800 million for Ukraine.
As per an official statement by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the assistance, valued at up to USD 800 million worth of arms and equipment from US Department of Defense inventories, builds on last week's USD 800 million package and is the eighth drawdown of arms, equipment, and supplies from Department of Defense inventories for Ukraine since August 2021.
Blinken also reiterated the US support of Ukraine's defence of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.
"This is a tragic and catastrophic war of choice entirely of Russia's making, and the United States, its allies, and partners will stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their just cause the defence of their country and their democracy. Together, we continue to support Ukraine's defence of its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to strengthen Ukraine's position on the battlefield and at the negotiating table," he stated.
Notably, Russia launched a "special military operation" in Ukraine on February 24, which the West has termed an unprovoked war. As a result of this, the Western countries have also imposed several crippling sanctions on Moscow. (ANI)