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Spring peak in Moscow's Covid-19 cases shifted to June-July, says Mayor

ANI | Updated: Jun 12, 2021 23:01 IST

Moscow [Russia], June 12 (ANI): Expressing concern over the spike in Covid-19 cases in Russia, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the spring peak in the incidence of coronavirus in the capital shifted to June-July.
The severity of the disease has worsened, and many patients are in intensive care and on mechanical ventilation, Kommersant reported quoting Mayor who pointed out that The spring peak in the incidence of coronavirus in Moscow shifted to June-July.
"We see the Covid attacking aggressively. We see that the severity of the disease is at least not improving, on the contrary, it is getting worse, we have a lot of Muscovites in intensive care on mechanical ventilation. The danger is real, it is high, great," Sobyanin said.

The mayor also believed that the peak incidence is "high enough." Moscow authorities do not plan to tighten requirements to combat Covid-19 but will strengthen checks on compliance with existing restrictions.
Taking precautionary measures, Moscow Mayor has earlier decided to make non-working days from June 15 to 19. Refuting to that order Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson of the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there is currently no decision to extend the weekend from June 15 to June 19 throughout the country.
"There are currently no decisions on the federal level," said Peskov when asked whether the introduction of measures similar to those in Moscow is being discussed at the national level.
According to the Russian publication, Moscow recorded about 5.9 thousand COVID-19 infections. Meanwhile, as per World Health Organisation (WHO) Russian Federation has reported 5,180,454 confirmed cases of the infection on Friday with 125,674 deaths. (ANI)