COVID-19: Home chef service trend grooming in Japan
COVID-19: Home chef service trend grooming in Japan

COVID-19: Home chef service trend grooming in Japan

ANI | Updated: Aug 21, 2021 15:00 IST

Tokyo [Japan] August 21 (ANI): Restaurants in Japan are facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Emerging as a solution to this, the idea of "In Home Chef" is becoming popular.
Under this idea, professional chefs cook at home and people enjoy restaurant-quality meals. But unlike food delivery services, customers can discuss their requirements with the chef when he visits them.
"Cooking is sometimes smooth and sometimes not, because situation depends on the available tools in family kitchen and ingredients. Also, when there are limitations of materials it is a challenge to create the menu," said an In Home Chef.
Working parents are also finding In Home Chef service very helpful.
It is easy to order using online subscription service in which the chef prepares meals for three to four nights for a fee of about 70 dollars per visit, not including food costs.

"The food that chef prepares for us at home is very helpful and it is delicious so all the family feel happy. And during the time when the chef is cooking I can go to hair salon or play with my kids making toys or spend other time with my family," said a customer who opted the In Home Chef service.
After preparing the meal chef explains each dish.
This way it is possible to accommodate each household's various requirements, such as making special prepared meal for people receiving nursing care with special dietary restriction.
"Before, I used to work in the hotel or restaurant so customers came because they knew me or wanted to taste my cooking, but now it is challenging as I have to prepare different menus for each family according to their taste. So, the situation is different also the kitchen is different," said another In Home Chef.
Due to coronavirus situation in the country, restaurants in some areas in Japan are asked to shorten their business hours, so more chefs are accepting the idea of taking their professional skill to customer's home.
In this way they can keep their business going on and make more people familiar with their delicious food. (ANI)