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Germany: Baloch National Movement members protest against Baloch Genocide by Pakistan

| Updated: Apr 23, 2017 03:26 IST

Berlin [Germany], Apr 22 (ANI): Members of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) in Germany held anti-Pakistan protests over the ongoing Baloch Genocide in Pakistan. The demonstration was held in front of the Berlin Gate in an attempt to highlight the atrocities, war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by the Pakistani military forces against the Baloch community. The protestors alleged that the Pakistani Army and other forces are busy in a brutal operation against natives in most of the parts of Balochistan province. "29 people have been killed and 60 innocent civilians have been abducted by Pakistan security forces in the last one month in Balochistan. Ruthless Pakistani military, the ISI and MI are using barbaric military tactics to suppressing Baloch reservations over CPEC. We will be doing more demonstrations and protests all across the world to highlight Pakistani atrocities as peaceful political activities in Balochistan is taboo," Hammal Haider, foreign spokesperson of Baloch National Movement told ANI. Villages are being razed to ground by bombardment and people are forced to flee their home towns. As a result, around a million Balochs are displaced and living a miserable life in different parts of Karachi, interior Sindh, Panjab border and other areas. Some have even sought refuge in Afghanistan and other countries of the world to escape persecution. A social media campaign was also launched to highlight the issue. (ANI)