Maldives Vice President Faisal Naseem
Maldives Vice President Faisal Naseem

Pledges made at COP-26 were progressive, need to assess if enough being done to save island nations: Maldives VP

ANI | Updated: Dec 04, 2021 23:55 IST

Abu Dhabi [UAE], December 4 (ANI): Emphasising that the pledges made at 26 sessions of the Conference of Parties (COP-26) recently were progressive, Maldives Vice President Faisal Naseem said there is a need to assess if the world is doing enough to save the small island nations from the climate crisis.
Speaking at the 5th Indian Ocean Conference (IOC) here on Saturday, Faisal Naseem said the imminent risk that scientists have warned us for many years have caught up with us. "The survival of my home and of other small island states depend on this (pledges)."
Despite contributing to reducing the emissions, we face the brunt of devastating consequences of climate change, Nassem said, adding, "This is simply injustice, we cannot remain idle it is high time that we take action."
Stressing that the world must shift away from fossil fuels, he said, "We should invest in green technology and protect the marine environment".

"To do this, we need increased access to adaptation finance. We must also invest in further enhancing our knowledge and awareness of the impact of the climate crisis. So that we can take necessary actions to counter its adverse effects," he added.
Stating that the Maldives is doing its part, Nassem said, "We are putting our efforts towards the greener source of energy. We are also developing a blue economy that protects our vulnerable oceans."
He also underlined that the pledges made at COP-26 were progressive. "But the question we should be asking is that are we doing enough to save the Maldives and other small island nations in time," he said.
"We are taking actions. We need all of you and the rest of the world to take actions too." (ANI)