Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iran announces partial withdrawal from 2015 nuclear deal

ANI | Updated: May 08, 2019 21:05 IST

Tehran [Iran], May 8 (ANI): Iran on Wednesday announced partial withdrawal from the landmark 2015 nuclear deal signed with world powers, a year after the United States unilaterally pulled out of the agreement.
The partial withdrawal would mean that Iran would stop exporting enriched uranium stocks as against what was stipulated by the 2015 agreement.
Tehran warned that the remaining signatories - the UK, France, Germany, China, and Russia -- had 60 days before it would resume high-level enrichment of uranium.
The decision came amid heightened tension between Iran and the US in recent weeks after Washington announced that no fresh sanction waivers will be issued for Iranian oil imports to eight countries, including India.
In a speech broadcast on national television, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused "hardliners" in the US of working to undermine the deal, reported CNN.
"The Islamic Republic of Iran declares that at the current stage, it does not any more see itself committed to respecting the limitations on keeping enriched uranium and heavy water reserves," Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said in a statement.
"Once our demands are met, we will resume implementation of the ceased undertakings. Otherwise, the Islamic Republic of Iran will stop compliance with its other undertakings in consequent phases," the statement added.
The 2015 Iran nuclear deal, officially titled Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), was hailed as a major diplomatic victory by the Obama administration.
It was intended to limit Iran's civilian energy programme - thereby preventing it from developing nuclear weapons at some point in the future - in exchange for relief from sanctions that were crippling the country's economy.
However, incumbent US President Donald Trump withdrew his country from the deal, saying that it was "defective at its core." Since then, the US has restored economic sanctions on Iran.
US Secretary of State Michael R Pompeo yesterday made an unannounced visit to Iran. The visit had come hours after Iran said it would announce on Wednesday its decision to reduce commitment to the JCPoA. (ANI)