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Serbia receives secret anti-aircraft consignment from China

ANI | Updated: Apr 29, 2022 15:17 IST

Belgrade [Serbia], April 29 (ANI): Amidst an armed build-up in the Balkans in midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, China has reportedly supplied a secret consignment of anti-aircraft weapons to the Serbian military.
Six cargo planes with Chinese military markers reportedly landed at the Belgrade civilian airport carrying surface to air missiles for the Serbian military. Though, Serbia has not given any formal response to the report of shipment. But this is not the first time Serbia has bought military equipment from China, Financial Post reported.
Weapons delivery was also made to two NATO nations Turkey and Bulgaria. This highlights China's increasing global reach, the report said.

The secret delivery has raised a lot of concern in the West, especially over the statehood of Kosovo which is not recognized by Serbia, Russia, and China. As this can culminate in another war in the Balkan country, the report stated.
There are concerns in the West that the armed build-up of Serbia with the help of Russia and China could push the Balkan country towards another war against its former province Kosovo.
In 2020, US officials had cautioned Belgrade against the acquirement of the Chinese anti-aircraft system HQ-22. The export edition of HQ-22 is designated as FK-3. US officials have said that for Serbia to join the European Union, it must regulate its military equipment with the Western standard, the report said.
Serbia's acquisition of military equipment from China has not been taken well by the West, the report said, adding that although, Serbia has sought membership in the European Union, not abiding by the rules of the Western military alignment and getting defence shipments from China jeopardizes the situation.
By supplying weapons to the heart of Europe, China has made its presence felt in the region, the report further said. (ANI)