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Former British chancellor Rishi Sunak (Photo Credit: Reuters)
Former British chancellor Rishi Sunak (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Promise UK will be a lifelong friend: Rishi Sunak on Ukraine's Independence Day

ANI | Updated: Aug 24, 2022 15:11 IST

Kyiv [Ukraine], August 24 (ANI): UK Prime Minister hopeful Rishi Sunak on Wednesday wrote a letter on Ukraine's Independence Day, praising the country's steadfast courage in standing up to Russian "aggression" and promising support from the people of the United Kingdom as the war continues in the country.
In a letter published in the Kyiv Post, Rishi said that he will be a lifelong friend and help Ukraine rebuild into a prosperous, ambitious and forward-looking country.
"Your steadfast courage in standing up to aggression has given hope to peaceful and freedom-loving people around the world, and sends a clear message to despots that no matter how the odds may be stacked in their favour, they will never prevail," he said.
"Whatever the changes here in our country, we Brits will always remain your strongest ally," he added.

Sunak vowed to keep supporting Ukraine's brave fighters and said that Britain will keep providing humanitarian aid to ensure you have access to medication and food.
"Your place in history is assured as a beacon of freedom. So together, not only must we defeat Putin, but we must also succeed in deterring him from ever hurting your people again with an even stronger, more prosperous Ukraine than stood before," he said.
On Ukraine's Independence Day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukraine is not ready for negotiations with Russia regarding a ceasefire, as it does not want to repeat the negative experience of the Minsk agreements.
At a press conference following the Second Summit of the Crimea Platform in Kyiv, he said, "We explained that there will be no Minsk-3, Minsk-5, or Minsk-7. We will not play these games, we have lost part of our territories this way. And everyone understands this very well, everyone heard it from us. Because it is a trap. We understand that."
He noted that the ceasefire regime could drag on for years, and Ukraine would be left without part of the territories in the south and would have no access to the sea. (ANI)