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PoK activist Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri
PoK activist Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri

PoK activist condemns murder of Karima Baloch, says Pakistan is doomed to fail

ANI | Updated: Dec 23, 2020 14:14 IST

London [UK], December 23 (ANI): Condemning the killing of Baloch activist Karima Baloch, PoK activist Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri said that Pakistan is doomed to fail as a country.
He said that the barrel of the guns of the Pakistan establishment (Pakistan Army) cannot silence the voices of Balochistan.
"Voices of the Balochis cannot be silenced by the power of guns, it will lead to the end of Pakistan," he said.
Earlier, Karima Baloch, an activist, who had been vocal about Pakistan Army and government atrocities in Balochistan, was found dead in Toronto, Canada.
Karima was a refugee in Canada and named as one of the world's 100 most "inspirational and influential" women in 2016 by the BBC.
Talking about the atrocities of the Pakistan military, the activist opined that Pakistani security forces are already known for kidnappings, forced disappearances, killings of innocents, and gross human rights violations.
"We support Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) move to restrict the powers of intelligence agencies," he said.

There have been several instances where Pakistani security forces conduct operations on individual households, physically assault innocent women and children, and rely on extrajudicial death squads to subjugate Baloch civilians.
Kalima too faced the consequences for being vocal against the government atrocities in Balochistan, her brother, uncle, and maternal uncle were murdered in Pakistan, said Shaukat.
Not only in Pakistan but those Balochis who have settled abroad also face the same consequences, he added.
The intelligence agencies of Pakistan produce wrong documents to deport such activists. Many Baloch political activists in order to avoid persecution escape from Balochistan and are compelled to seek asylum in European countries; journalists and human rights activists are among these asylum seekers. Shaukat cited the example of the murder of Sajid Hussain, a Baloch journalist exiled in Sweden.
Equating the Pakistani establishment with Nazi Germany, he said that as it failed in its propaganda during World War II and paid the heaviest price, the same way Pak Army will pay for its sins.
Slamming its Army, he said that Pakistan is the only country in the world made due to its army whereas in general, the army protects its nation.
Reminding them of their atrocities in Bangladesh, he said that mistreatment of citizens leads to fragmentation of the country. (ANI)