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The Free Balochistan Movement Germany Branch organized a protest in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Frankfurt.
The Free Balochistan Movement Germany Branch organized a protest in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Frankfurt.

Germany: Free Balochistan Movement stage protest against enforced disappearances in Balochistan

ANI | Updated: Mar 03, 2021 13:55 IST

Frankfurt [Germany], March 3 (ANI): The Free Balochistan Movement Germany Branch organised a protest in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Frankfurt to express solidarity with the families of the state victims of enforced disappearance in Balochistan and to inform the international community about Pakistan and Iran's atrocities against the Baloch people.
Demonstrators held banners and placards with various slogans. They also chanted slogans against Pakistani and Iranian atrocities. Sadiq Baloch, Moin Azizi, Naveed Baloch and others addressed the protesters.
Moin Azizi, a Baloch protester said, "Balochs are living on their historical land. Baloch are neither Pakistani nor Iranian but Baloch have had their separate national identity for thousands of years".
He further said, "Pakistan and Iran are occupying the Baloch homeland, to end this occupation and achieve their national independence, the Baloch people have been engaged in a continuous process of national resistance since the date of occupation of their sovereign country".
"We have sacrificed many precious lives in this national resistance which continues to this day. The legacy of resistance is being passed down from one generation to the other. He said it was sad to notice that some people were wrongly justifying the abominable act of Iranian occupation and annihilation of Baloch national identity by Iran. This silence will be noted down as a crime in the history of Baloch struggle", he added.

Moin added, "Today we desperately need to unite and move forward so that we can tell the world that Pakistan and Iran are illegally occupying our land and that the Baloch are waging a national resistance to end this occupation for which the responsible Institutions the world need to play their part".
Sadiq Baloch, another protester said, "Our homeland - Balochistan - was divided by Britain and we were handed over to bloodthirsty wolves. Despite being aware of the historical facts of our massacre, it is silent, which is encouraging the occupying armies to expand their atrocities in occupied Balochistan with immunity".
He further said that the recent Baloch national liberation movement has been going on for the last two decades and to suppress it the Pakistani army has forcibly disappeared thousands of Baloch men, women, children and the elderly. "Our mothers and sisters have been peacefully protesting for the release of their loved ones across Balochistan but the Pakistan institution including judiciary have failed to trace the disappeared Balochs," he added.
"The international human rights organizations, including the UN, are aware of the Iranian and Pakistani state crimes against the Baloch people but they are silent which is beyond one's understanding."
Sadiq Baloch said that Pakistan and Iran have proved to be irresponsible states in the region where human rights are of no importance to them. (ANI)