Visual of the protest in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday (Photo/ANI)
Visual of the protest in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday (Photo/ANI)

Free Balochistan Movement protest against Hayat Baloch's murder in Germany

ANI | Updated: Sep 07, 2020 07:06 IST

Hamburg [Germany], September 7 (ANI): The Free Balochistan Movement organized a demonstration and a protest rally against the murder of Hayat Mirza Baloch in the Hamburg city of Germany.
According to details, the demonstration was organized on Saturday at 5 PM at Hachmannplatz Hamburg where the protesters marched from different streets of the city to Gaensemarkt.
Protesters were holding banners and placards inscribed with different slogans demanding justice for Hayat Baloch. Protesters also distributed thousands of pamphlets and leaflets during the protest.
People from the German civil society and representatives from different political parties also participated in the protest to show their solidarity with Baloch people and express their anger against the extra-judicial murder of Baloch students by the Pakistan Army.
Stephen Brant, during his speech, said that Balochistan was divided into three parts by Britain during their colonial rule in the region, by drawing two arbitrary lines, which are at the moment being ruled by three different countries.
Mentioning the Golsmid line he said Iran is building a wall which is approximately 900 kilometres long to divide a nation. Citing the example of the Berlin Wall he said, "Germans have gone through this and we know how difficult it is to be divided."
It's worth mentioning the wall on the Goldsmid line is 9 times longer than the Berlin Wall, he added.

Stephan Brant further said, in 2001 and 2018 only Germany supplied weapons to Pakistan worth one billion Euros which are being used by Pakistan against suppressed nations like Baloch, Pashtoon, and Sindhis. "We have to raise our voices against this in our public," he said adding that "we support the Baloch freedom movement along with all other occupied nations which are going to establish a democratic country in future."
Nicola Hofediener from Women Movement Courage said during her speech that this is so alarming that the Baloch nation, women, and children are victims of Pakistani state barbarism and are being butchered daily just because they want their independence and are struggling for the creation of a sovereign democratic state.
She further said that the capitalist world is silent over such genocide to increase the wealth (capital) and human blood has become a source for the same.
Baloch political activist Wajid Baloch during his speech said that Balochistan has been made a region where Baloch youths are being killed daily. Hayat Baloch's murder is also an example of state genocidal policies and he was martyred just because he was an educated Baloch youth.
He further said, "we need to unite in the struggle of an independent democratic county so that in free Balochistan every class is provided with equality and social justice."
Free Balochistan Movement activist Naveed Baloch said that 25-year-old Karachi University Student Hayat Mirza Baloch and the military and government is trying to protect his murderer.
He also said that we demand the arrest of heads of FC and all those officials who were present at the time of Hayat's killing.
Hayat Baloch was killed extra-judicially on August 13 by occupying Pakistani forces in front of his elderly parents shot eight (8) times in the Turbat region of Balochistan.
Entire Balochistan erupted with protest after the brutal murder of the young Baloch student and demands for justice for Hayat Baloch continue to grow. (ANI)