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Let Macao International Fireworks Display Contest dazzle your evening!

| Updated: Aug 09, 2017 03:36 IST

New Delhi, [India], Aug 08 (ANI): Imagine the night sky of Macao aglow in a starburst of magnificent fireworks accompanied by the cheers and applause of spectators enjoying this spectacular light and sound show. What a splendid scene! The Macao International Fireworks Display Contest has grown over the years into an internationally acclaimed event, and is acknowledged as one of the best of its kind. Over the years, more than 100 outstanding teams from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Chinese Taiwan, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Finland, the United States, Canada and South Africa have participated in this pyrotechnic wizardry. The 29th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest will be staged above the sea area in front of the Macau Tower on 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd September and 1st October. The event will line up ten internationally-renowned teams ready to light up the night sky with spectacular fireworks orchestrated to music and laser effects, promising a range of stunning multimedia pyrotechnic shows for the audience. The Fireworks Carnival will be held concurrently as a side event that brings together vibrant performances, tasty delicacies and fun games beneath the fireworks. Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) aspires to weave various fascinating elements into an array of wonderful and memorable fireworks evenings for visitors. The contest lines up ten teams from Australia, Austria, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, the Philippines, Germany, Italy, Portugal and China this year. With this remarkable lineup, fireworks spectaculars are much anticipated this year. The shoreline overlooked by the Macau Tower and Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre, the shoreline in Taipa, the top of Penha Hill as well as the leisure, cultural and creative landmark opened last year, Anim'Arte NAM VAN, are among the popular vantage points for fireworks watching. Visitors can enjoy every fireworks evening from their favorite angle and style. The Carnival will bring together stage performances, tasty delicacies and fun games, adding fantastic highlights to the Contest. (ANI)