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Three alleged ISIS members arrested in Germany

| Updated: Sep 13, 2016 21:06 IST

Washington D.C., [U.S.], Sept. 13 (ANI): Three young Syrian nationals who claim to be ISIS members have been arrested in Germany on Tuesday morning, in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein by special police forces. According to the CNN, the German Federal Prosecutor's Office said in a statement that they apprehended two Syrian teenagers and one man in his 20s, and that investigations suspect them entering Germany on the orders of the ISIS in November last year. The intentions of the three men, charged with being members of a foreign terrorist organization, were either to commit a major act of terror or wait for further instructions and then proceed. One of the accused, who is a 17-year-old joined ISIS at the end of September 2015 in Raqqa, Syria and is suspected of receiving training there, including the handling of weapons and explosives. The Prosecutor's Office further alleged that the trio had pledged to go to Europe and were provided with passports and thousands of US dollars as well as mobile phones. The three came to Germany in the middle of November 2015 via Turkey and Greece, the Office added. (ANI)