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Russia, U.S. mulling to impose embargo on ISIS captured territories

| Updated: Apr 10, 2017 19:53 IST

Washington .D.C [U.S.A], Apr. 10 (ANI): The United States and Russia are planning to have a joint draft resolution imposing a trade embargo on the territories controlled by the ISIS, Deputy Director of the Department of New Challenges and Threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Feoktistov said on Monday. "We are not working on a draft resolution at the moment, but it's not the most difficult thing, believe me. We would like at first to gain support of our main partners, first of all within the UN Security Council. But if [Washington] is ready for this, we have good experience of elaborating joint resolutions and introducing them to the Security Council," Sputnik quoted Feoktistov as saying. Feoktistov, however, pointed out that Moscow has not discussed such a resolution with anyone. "When the Americans will be ready for dialogue on such an issue, we are ready to meet them halfway. If they are not ready, we may propose such resolution ourselves," he said. The Russian diplomat said the size and the borders controlled by the terrorist group has been constantly changing, making it difficult to impose any restrictive measures. "And this is a real problem because any embargo, when a ban is introduced on trade across the border, implies possible consequences for civilians, who may be cut off from regular supply of food, water, medicament and so on," Feoktistov said. The ISIS has so far acquired vast territories in Iraq and Syria and has recruited numerous militants from different countries. Earlier on Thursday U.S. President Donald Trump ordered attacks against a military airbase in Syria with dozens of Tomahawk missiles, after Washington.D.C. and its allies accused Damascus of killing civilians with chemical weapons on Tuesday. But the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the deadly gas contamination was caused by the explosion of chemical weapons produced and stored by the rebels, after Syrian aircraft bombed the area. Damascus has repeatedly denied possession of any chemical weapons. (ANI)