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US declined humanitarian parole visas to 90% of Afghan applicants: Report

ANI | Updated: Jun 21, 2022 23:14 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], June 21 (ANI): According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) statistics, the bulk of Afghan humanitarian parole applications to the US are still pending.
With over 90 per cent of the fewer than 5,000 fully evaluated requests being denied, the bulk of Afghan humanitarian parole applications to the US are still pending, Khaama Press reported, citing USCIS records.
The rejections of Afghan nationals to enter the US on humanitarian grounds have come due to eligibility rules, the USCIS statistics added.
The USCIS is said to have received more than 46,000 applications from Afghans seeking to enter the United States under the parole program following the collapse of the previous government to the Taliban, reported Khaama Press.
Moreover, only 297 Afghan parole applications had been approved as of June 2, while 4,246 had been refused, implying that the vast majority of the tens of thousands of pending cases will be dismissed under the US government's standards. The rejection letter read that parole is offered to those who the USCIS finds to be under "severe targeted or individualized harm."

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last August, the US evacuated 124,000 Americans, third-country nationals, and Afghans, while resettling over 70,000 Afghans who aided them in Afghanistan.
However, a lot of Afghans are still stranded in many countries seeking shelter.
Most female workers in government institutions have been denied access to work since the Taliban assumed control of the country and a number of them have been fired.
Meanwhile, the Taliban has suspended the secondary education of girls and enforced a strict form of Hijab. They have also provided no opportunities for Afghan women to participate in political and public life, to fit the pattern of absolute gender segregation that is aimed at making women invisible in society.
The atrocities of the Taliban against Afghan women as well as refugees have been on an incessant surge since the organization seized power in Afghanistan in August last year, banning young girls as well as the citizens of basic humanitarian rights.
Notably, the situation of human rights in Afghanistan has worsened since the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban rose to power as illegal trafficking of Afghan children and the illegal sale and purchase of goods are on a subsequent rise in the region. (ANI)