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Pakistan's flood situation (Photo Credit: Twitter handle of IFRC Asia Pacific)
Pakistan's flood situation (Photo Credit: Twitter handle of IFRC Asia Pacific)

US announces USD 30mn in humanitarian aid for flood response in Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Aug 30, 2022 22:12 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], August 30 (ANI): The United States on Tuesday announced an additional USD 30 million in life-saving humanitarian assistance to support people and communities affected by severe flooding in Pakistan.
"The United States is deeply saddened by the devastating loss of life, livelihoods, and homes throughout Pakistan. In response to the Pakistani government's request for assistance, the United States will prioritize urgently needed food support, safe water, sanitation and hygiene improvements, financial help, and shelter assistance," the US Embassy in Pakistan said in a statement.
As the floods continue to wreak havoc in the country, Pakistan's government has declared the floods a national emergency, with 66 districts declared to be a "calamity hit."
The embassy said this support will save lives and reduce suffering among the most vulnerable affected communities. According to the statement, the United States will continue to monitor the crisis in coordination with local partners and Pakistani authorities.
A disaster management specialist from US Agency for International Development (USAID), arrived in Pakistan on August 29 to assess the impact of the floods and intensify coordination with partners on response efforts. The United States remains steadfast in its support for affected communities throughout Pakistan.

In addition to the USD 30 million in urgently needed humanitarian assistance announced today, the United States also provided over USD 1.1 million in grants and project support earlier this month to ensure direct assistance reaches those communities most impacted and to help mitigate and prevent the effects of future floods.
Over 1,100 people, including over 350 children, have lost their lives. More than 1,600 people have been injured, over 2,87,000 houses have been fully and 662,000 partially destroyed. Besides this, over 7,35,000 livestock have perished and 2 million acres of crops have been adversely impacted, besides severe damage to communications infrastructure.
Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif today met members of international media to brief them about flood ravages in Pakistan.
"The devastation is evidence of seriousness of the threat posed by climate change. Despite having less than 1 per cent share in carbon emission, we are ranked 8th in terms of exposure to climate hazards," Sharif tweeted.
"My point was that international community, particularly the developed world, should not leave developing countries like Pakistan at the mercy of climate change. If it is us today, it can be somebody else tomorrow. Threat of climate change is real, potent & staring us in the face," he said in a subsequent tweet. (ANI)