UN Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet (File Photo)
UN Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet (File Photo)

UN Human Rights Chief expresses concern over situation in Bolivia, says it can spin out of control

ANI | Updated: Nov 17, 2019 05:44 IST

Sucre [Bolivia], Nov 17 (ANI): Head of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet on Saturday expressed concern over the crisis in Bolivia saying it could spin out of control.
"I am really concerned that the situation in Bolivia could spin out of control if the authorities do not handle it sensitively and in accordance with international norms and standards governing the use of force, and with full respect for human rights," Sputnik quoted her as saying.
At least five people were killed and more than 10 others suffered injuries as security forces clashed with supporters of former President Evo Morales in different parts of Bolivia on Saturday, according to local media reports.
Thousands of Morales supporters have taken to the streets of La Paz against Bolivia's interim leadership. Clashes between police and former President Evo Morales supporters intensified, according to local reports.
Last month, a disputed presidential election led to nationwide strikes paralyzed this South American nation. The strike ended this week, with former president Evo Morales stepping down at the suggestion of the military, and Senator Jeanine Anez Chavez declaring herself the nations' interim leader.
Morales, earlier this week, had announced his resignation amid growing opposition after an international audit found the results of last month's election could not be validated due to "serious irregularities."
Morales, as part of the election results, had declared his win for a fourth term in the office. (ANI)