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UN envoy proposes freezing assets of Afghanistan's corrupt ex-officials

ANI | Updated: Jan 29, 2022 16:17 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], January 29 (ANI): Afghanistan's mission at the United Nations on Friday proposed the freezing of assets illegally transferred to the accounts of former Afghan government officials.
Afghans citizens have praised the proposal by the charge d'affaires Naseer Ahmad Faiq and pointed out that many former Afghan government officials were involved in corruption and were currently living a life of luxury abroad while the country was struggling and on the edge of a catastrophe, reported Tolo News.
At a UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan, Naseer Ahmad Faiq said, "I would like to request freezing and confiscating of all Afghan assets illegally transferred to the accounts of former government officials who were involved in corruption and embezzlement of international aid to the Afghan people."
"They must be held accountable and tried. It is not fair that 28 million people are starving and mothers sell their children to survive but these corrupt former government officials live in luxurious houses and villas in different countries in Europe and the US," he added.
He also called on the international community to not grant asylum for former corrupt Afghan officials and the former government officials involved in corruption must be held accountable, reported Tolo News.

Political analysts also criticized the corrupt Afghan officials who fled the country after the fall of the Republican government.
"Today, while the Afghans are in the worst conditions and are in need of support, these individuals are enjoying their life out of Afghanistan with the money they have stolen from the people of Afghanistan," said Sayed Ali Riza Mahmoodi, a political analyst.
The international donors have provided billions of dollars for the previous Afghan governments as part of their support for Afghanistan.
Based on statistics, the US--which was the main supporter of the Afghan economy--spent around USD 140 billion on reconstruction in Afghanistan, reported Tolo News.
The Afghans expressed frustration over the massive amounts of embezzlement by previous government officials, saying that despite the flow of a great amount of aid, they are still living a difficult life.
Citizens speaking to Tolo News also demanded the assets of former corrupt Afghan officials be frozen.
"Those who have stolen the money of this poor nation, their assets must be frozen. The money doesn't belong to them, it belongs to the Afghans," said a Kabul resident. (ANI)